4:30 pm on MAY 4TH

Join Gerri Griswold for a lavishly illustrated talk that touches on the basics of one of the most beneficial and maligned animals on our planet—the bat.


How many species of bats are there? Where do they live? Why are they so important to us? What is harming them….and so much more will be addressed.


Meet a live ambassador (if available)!


This is a VIRTUAL event that does requires preregistration with our Education Director, Teralyn LaChance.


Please email her at: to sign up & then you will be provided with the link and password for this program.




Are you looking for a unique experience to celebrate Mom for Mother's Day? Does she enjoy reptiles, amphibians, and all critters in-between?


Then look no further than Riverside Reptiles Education Center!


Bring your mom/grandma/mother-figure/etc. to RREC, where we will be discounting all Moms' admission by $2.00!


She will also receive a free wildflower seed packet to encourage helpful pollinators into her garden!



We will have our Animal Encounters Demonstrations too!

10:30am - Tortoise Feeding
11:30am - Meet a Snake
1:00pm - Feed the Alligator OR Meet & Greet
2:00pm - Meet a Lizard
3:00pm - Keeper's Choice


We hope to see you then and Happy Mother's Day to all those mamas out there!



Come to Riverside Reptiles Education Center on May 23rd, where all of our educational demonstrations will also include turtles/tortoises in celebration of World Turtle Day®!


We will also be having a variety of activities for folks to participate in to help celebrate the turtles and tortoises of RREC.

These activities include: a NEW touch table available that will solely focus on turtles, a quiz that will be available on our Facebook Page that's all about turtles, a photo contest for a new cover photo on our Facebook Page - turtle/tortoise related, a Poll to vote on the new name of our baby Musk Turtle, and we will be hosting a raffle to win a Tortoise Feeding & Private Tour!

For more information, visit this event on Facebook:

To purchase Raffle Tickets, click the image below.