Animal Sponsorship

A sponsorship is a gift made in honor of an animal at Riverside Reptiles Education Center. You can sponsor an animal in your own name, or as a gift for someone else. This donation will go towards the care of the animals you choose, and will also help the other 200 animals that reside here. 


Choose from a variety of unique sponsorship packages.  Each sponsorship package comes with some special thank you gifts!

Click on a button below to take you directly to an animal you wish to sponsor

Tortoise  Sponsorship


We care for 6 different species of tortoise, including:  Aldabra, Sulcata, Pancake, Leopard, Yellow, and Red-footed. All together, they eat over $5,000 worth of food per year! By choosing to sponsor them, you will be helping out each of the tortoises that call RREC their home.

Crocodilian  Sponsorship


We have 3 different species of crocodilians in our care, including: American Alligators, Cuvier's Dwarf Caimans, and a Morelet's Crocodile. Brenda an American Alligator is 8-feet and 115 pounds, she also has a bottomless pit for a stomach!  Our crocodilians eat $100 worth of meat a month. By sponsoring them, you will be helping all of the crocodilians that call RREC their home!

Venomous Snake Sponsorship


Our venomous snakes, like Eve, the King Cobra, eat a wide variety of food each month. They eat everything from mice and rats, to even other snakes. We have 12 species of venomous snakes here at RREC.  It costs us $25/month to feed each of them! That is a lot of food!  Your sponsorship donation will help not only Eve, but all of the venomous snakes we care for.

Giant Constrictor Sponsorship


We have a total of 20 giant constrictors at RREC, including: Green Anacondas, Reticulated Pythons, Burmese Pythons, and Boa Constrictors.  Our largest constrictors are over 100 pounds and consume a lot of rodents!  It can cost over $300 a year just to feed one of our giant constrictors!

Lizard Sponsorship


We care for 14 different species of lizards from a Panther chameleon, to Gila monsters, Skinks, Legless lizards, Asian Water Monitors and more! They eat $1000 worth of insects, mice, and salads in a year’s time! By sponsoring our lizards you will be helping out each of them that call RREC their home!

Amphibian Sponsorship


We care for many types of wonderful amphibians, including:  Red-eyed tree frogs, African bullfrogs, Marine toads, Milk Frogs, Dart Frogs, Vietnamese Mossy Frogs, and Tiger salamanders. They eat over $100 worth of food in 1 month! By choosing to sponsor, you will be helping out each amphibian that calls RREC their home.

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