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Animal Sponsorship

A sponsorship is a gift made in honor of an animal at Riverside Reptiles Education Center. You can sponsor an animal in your own name, or as a gift for someone else. This donation will go towards the care of the animals you choose, and will also help the other 200 animals that reside here. 


Choose from a variety of unique sponsorship packages.  Level 4 Sponsors get a private tour of RREC with the owner for up to 5 people!

Click on a button below to take you directly to an animal you wish to sponsor

Tortoise (& Turtle) Sponsorship

Tortoise Sponsorship

We care for 6 different species of tortoise, including:  Aldabra, Sulcata, Pancake, Leopard, Yellow, and Red-footed. All together, they eat over $5,000 worth of food per year! By choosing to sponsor them, you will be helping out each of the tortoises that call RREC their home.