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Valentines Day Special

Is your Ex a RAT or a ROACH? You get to decide!

Two Years ago RREC had great success with our Valentine's Day rats. Last year we offered roaches, and this year RREC is offering both!

You get to decide if you want to name a RAT or ROACH after a

spiteful ex, a horrible boss, a family member you can't stand

or even after your current partner after they left a sink full of 

dirty dishes (remember it's all in fun and all the proceeds go directly to animal care).

There will be a limited number of Rats (we do not want to overfeed our animals), so make sure to select your rat soon!

The named rats will be fed to our crocodilians and large snakes, while the roaches will be fed to a variety of insect eating animals that call RREC home! Make sure to watch RREC Facebook live on Valentines Day to see your named RAT or ROACH fed out.

RAT - $10   /   ROACH - $5

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