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RREC needs your help

For every $5 donated Brian will eat a LIVE superworm!

Last year we asked you for help with the Lacey Act amendments (HR4521) that would’ve affected all non-domestic pets/animals. This year there is another bill on the table that could affect the use of live animals for traveling educational programs right here in CT! 


Although the bill does not currently list the animals we use for our programs (reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates), if the bill were to pass as is, it would leave the door open for lawmakers to add additional species in the future.

Here is how you can participate

1. Buy superworms below.

2. Tune in LIVE to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok on Wednesday the 15th at 4pm        to watch Brian eat the superworms (you will also be able to donate LIVE as well)!

Other ways you can help…


  • Visit USARKs website to read the bill CLICK HERE

  • Follow their instructions to send an email to everyone involved with the bill to help stop it from passing.

  • Stay informed and up to date on this.

  • Pre-purchase superworms so Brian is well fed!

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