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Frogs are truly fascinating! They go through an entire metamorphosis change to become adults. Dive into this week all about frogs as we take a look at the frogs and toads we keep behind the scenes.

**Registration closes August 5th.**

Fantastic Frogs: August 8-12 (ages 6-8) NONMEMBER

  • Once you've registered your child(ren) for this program, you will be emailed a Welcome Packet.

    This packet includes: a rules/regulations outline, a liability waiver and a photo release form that must be signed and returned by the first day your child attends the program, a sample program schedule, our return/cancellation policy, and Covid guidelines per the CDC.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Jessica LaPolt at: or call 860-207-9335 x15. Thanks!

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